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Phiranno Designs can come to you for home or business IT Solutions and Support, with experience on home to large business we provide our services with a smile and at a competitive rate. Having 8+ years of experience with IT Solutions working for multinational corporations to servicing the home user, no job is too big or too small.

Assistance for your everyday user

we provide training and support!

We understand that not every user is tech savvy! We can provide your computer install, home servicing and even train you on how to use it.

Our team will provide special training packaged to people who need to learn how to use your standard applications, email, how to browse the internet, and using video calling applications to call friends and family, the list goes on!

We can provide onsite support and video training to packages!



Computers can be frustrating to work with, we know!

Customer focused

Our IT Team is customer focused, we want to help you! Worried about your computer running slow or maybe its infected by a virus? There are a lot of reasons for computer issues the team at Phiranno Designs will quickly determine the issue so you know exactly where to go next!

Our service team can do IT call outs or drop it off to our office and we can determine the issue in-house!

Below are some of the things we do, if you are

wondering what we offer

Though this isnt everything we do when making a site (we would be here for awhile writting it all down) it will give you a good idea on what our team can offer you. 

PC Clean-Up

Is your computer running slow? Or have too many applications installed and not sure why? We can fix this issue for you! It could be that a minor PC upgrade is needed like a stick of ram or maybe a new Hard Drive, a simple inspection and we can let you know what to do!

Virus Removal

Noticing a virus on your computer, had a credit card scam happen to you lately? Maybe your accounts are being logged into on other computers? Virus can come in many forms such as stealing credit card information by logging keystrokes on your computer, don’t let this happen to you!

home i.t setup

Looking into upgrading your home computer setup, or maybe your internet is running slow lately. We can help with advice on which computers to buy for your needs and what network setup you should be going for to support all your home users, we can be your PC pit stop in Port Macquarie!

Business I.T

I.T Business Support, we support onsite networks, cloud computing (SAAS), email setup and support, backup solutions, disaster recovery. Onsite Support, Remote Support, or at our office!

Disaster Recovery

Your information is sensitive data. Photos, business documents, contracts, banking data all this information we understand is extremely important there's no feeling like losing years worth of data. Backing it up is important but backing it up to a secure location safely knowing there won't be any access to it from other people and companies trying to steal your data we think is even more important.

I.T Solutions

The world is going digital and if your not in it using the right applications for the right tasks, your losing money. Contact us to talk about how we can improve your business functions saving you money while making it easier for you and your employes to do there job overall increasing your customer service!

Check out the table below for

standard home user pricing

PC Cleanup & Checkup

Virus Removal

Home Computer Setup

Printer Install & Setup

Data Transfer

Small Home Network Setup


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